About Angel’s Earth

Welcome to Angel’s Earth! We are a small town company with small town values and global aspirations. Thank you so much for your interest, you make our company possible!

Orders are filled asap, in the order they are received. UPS is our typical shipment provider, however if you have a shipment preference, we are happy to adjust to your needs.

Essential Oils are shipped in genuine amber bottles. Fragrance Oils are shipped in plastic bottles and are used for body products only. Base oils are shipped in plastic jars or in food grade inner packaging, depending on the specific product.

All of our products/materials are sold for manufacturing or professional use only.

It is expressly understood and agreed that seller is not in control of the conditions in which the sold product is used. Buyer assumes all risks of liability whatsoever resulting from the use of the products whether used singularly or in combination with other substances. Under no circumstances shall seller be liable for incidental or consequential damages. It is expressly understood and agreed that purchaser will use good and safe storage, handling, and manufacturing practices and procedures. Our Essential and Fragrance Oils are not for internal use. All prices can change without notice.

Thank You for your interest in Angel’s Earth and have a wonderful day